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Scholarships & Financial Aid

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Fee structures /Investment of the program will be spread over the duration of the program. In order to further reduce the burden on students to pay this fee, we are offering Generous Merit Scholarships and customized Financial Assistance Solutions.

We want to ensure that no student is left out to benefit from these programs due to financial constraints.

EBP- Scholarships & Waivers

Early Bird Waiver

  • Program launch waiver- 25 % on tuition fee on applying before

Scholarship for JTR Alumni 

  • Special Scholarship – 30 % on the tuition fee for JTR Alumni

Merit Scholarship For Toppers of Wifaq/Majma 

  • Toppers of Wifaq/Majma – 50 % Waiver on Tuition Fee 

Group Waiver

  • Group of 3 : 25%
  • Group of 5 : 40%
  • Group of 10 and above : 50- 55%

Degree Programs

Merit Scholarships and Customized Financial Assistance

  • Position Holders ( Subject to Interview conducted by the Admissions & Scholarships/ FA Committee)
  • Candidates with accumulated 85% above percentage in Dars-e- Nizami ( Subject to Interview conducted by the Admissions & Scholarships/ FA Committee)
  • The merit scholarship will cover the tuition fee for the  entire program subject to annual performance review.  The remaining other charges will be paid by the student (s)themselves
  • The total number of scholarships to be awarded in this category will be dependent on the number of meritorious admitted students and the funds availability
  • An amount worth one Semester fee will be awarded to the student securing the highest Score/ Grade in a Semester 
  • The Scholarship amount will split equally into a maximum of 3 in case there is more than 1 student securing the same Grade/Score or can be distributed position-wise  1st, 2nd, and 3rd (secured based on Score/ Grade)
  • Upto 50 % Waiver on Tuition Fee Only (Maximum 5 Fee Waivers
  • For Selective Institutions subject to negotiation and signed MOU
  • Any one not eligible or not opting for any other Scholarship/ Fee waivers will be able to apply for Need-Based FA
  • The Assistance will range from full to partial tuition fee waiver in combination with Interest Free Loans
  • Any additional assistance besides Tuition Fee will be at the FA Committee’s discretion
  • Anyone who does not want to or is not entitled to Zakat / financial assistance or just want to avail this loan option due to temporary financial constraint will be able to apply for this option via the FA route
  • Ihsan Trust Interest- Free Loans terms and conditions will be applicable along with AGU FA Committee where ever required
  • Enrolled Students will be eligible to apply , the opportunity(s) will be extended based on both Merit and Need
  • Students will be allowed to work up to 20 hours per week.
  • The remuneration of such jobs will be calculated on an hourly basis and adjusted against tuition fees
  • Work Study program can also be made part of Merit Scholarships & Customized Financial Assistance Solutions on Discretion of FA Committee