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Dr. Zeeshan is one of the leading management educationists in the country. He is currently serving as the Vice-Chancellor of Al-Ghazali University. He is also a highly experienced and coveted executive trainer who has conducted many noteworthy training sessions with the leadership and management of top-tier organizations of our country. He has held key positions at the top three business schools of Pakistan; viz. LUMS, IBA, KSBL. Prior to joining Al-Ghazali University, he served as the Founding Dean of Al-Qadir University Project Trust in Sohawa, Punjab. He has a diverse […]


Dr. Sajid Bashir holds a PhD degree in HRM/Organizational Behavior. He has a teaching experience of over 20 years and has also held senior management positions in different universities at Islamabad including HoD and Associate Dean. Over the last two decades, Dr. Bashir has been engaged in training high-level executives from prominent organizations across diverse domains of Human Resource Management (HRM) and Organizational Behavior (OB). Notable entities among these organizations encompass FFBL, PAEC, Intelligence Bureau, Millat Tractors, Bank of Punjab, Police officers, National Telecommunication Corporation, OGDCL, and numerous others. His […]


Dr. Javed Ghani is a distinguished professor of corporate strategy, business analytics, and consumption trends. He is also one of the leading corporate trainers of the country who has conducted training with the higher management of some of the foremost organizations in the country. Dr. Ghani has a diversified experience of working with professionals, leaders and innovators in the corporate as well as the development sector. He has taught at some of the most revered business schools of the country and abroad and pioneered major research and development projects during […]

Dr. Basharat Javed is an Associate Professor at Al-Ghazali University and heading the Ghazali Executive Learning Centre (GELC). Prior to joining Al Ghazali, he offered his services as an Associate Professor and head of Al-Qadir Learning & Development Centre (ALDC). He also served as an Assistant Professor at Namal University and was the Head of Namal Executive Development Centre (NEDC) for over six years. Dr. Basharat Javed earned his PhD in Human Resource Management/organizational behavior from the Capital University of Science and Technology, Islamabad. The topic of his research thesis […]

Dr. Arif Iqbal Rana is one of the few, highly sought after, corporate trainers of the country with a vast experience of working with professionals, organizations and multinationals. He is also one of the few highly rated corporate trainers making him a prime choice for most top-tier organizations in the country. He also has the highest number of case studies in Pakistan, i.e. sixty, to his name. He is a specialist in the field with qualifications from the finest international universities and an exposure to international research and development trends […]

Dr. Safdar A Butt is a well-reputed figure in the finance and management education of our country who has rendered his services over a wide spectrum of organizations in the country and abroad. Dr. Butt has an experience of over twenty-four years working in senior board level positions including working closely with large multinationals for seven years. He is a certified Company Director from PIGC. He has previously served as a director of the four listed companies, Director Finance of Army Welfare Trust and has also been engaged with the […]


Mr. Shakeel Raja has an experience of over 20 years, working as an academician, consultant and trainer in the fields of Computer Science, IT, Data Science and machine learning. Equipped with the necessary skill set for the fast-paced global economy which is only discovering and adapting more to AI, Mr. Raja believes in the revision and redesign of the Pakistani industrial landscape. Over the past two decades, Mr. Raja has provided teaching, training and consultancy services in the Higher Education, Education Technology, Telecommunication, the IoT Industries and the Civil Service […]