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Dr. Jawaid Ghani

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Dr. Jawaid Ghani


Dr. Javed Ghani is a distinguished professor of corporate strategy, business analytics, and consumption trends. He is also one of the leading corporate trainers of the country who has conducted training with the higher management of some of the foremost organizations in the country. Dr. Ghani has a diversified experience of working with professionals, leaders and innovators in the corporate as well as the development sector. He has taught at some of the most revered business schools of the country and abroad and pioneered major research and development projects during his tenure as a faculty member or holding a key position.

During his time at LUMS, he was engaged in high profile development projects where he served on the governing bodies of PIA Corporation Ltd., NADRA Technologies Ltd, and Punjab Information technology Board (PITB). As the Founding Chairman of PITB he worked closely with the Chief Minister of Punjab which involved the revision of computer science curriculum taught in colleges across Punjab and the design and negotiation of high budgeted IT programs with international organizations such as Oracle Corporation. He was also responsible for the development of the Arfa Software Technology Park, establishment of Tier III Data Centre and oversaw the Punjab Health Line. Moreover, he was also actively involved in various significant citizen support initiatives for Lahore High Court, and about a dozen departments including Health, Agriculture, Livestock, and Disaster Management Authority.

He was a Professor of Strategy and Marketing at LUMS and also served as Dean of the LUMS Business School (SDSB) during his tenure. Thereafter he joined KSBL as a professor where he served for almost a decade. Before joining LUMS, he worked as the Marketing Advisor of the Wazir Ali Group of Companies and a Consultant for the Ministry of Science and Technology and the World Bank which allowed him to develop business plans for the Sialkot Surgical Goods Industrial Cluster and the Gujrat Fan Industrial Cluster.

He also served as the Director and Founding Partner, Gallup Research Institute (Pakistan) which introduced nationwide surveys for market and social research in Pakistan. He was engaged in conducting market studies and consulted a variety of organizations including Beecham, Brooke Bond, Chloride, Ciba-Geigy, English Biscuits, ICI, Paintex, Johnson & Johnson, Piaggio, Rafhan, Reckitt & Colman, Transpak Corporation, Zulfiqar Industries and Pakistan Narcotics Control Board. These studies covered competitive analysis and consumer behavior in several industries ranging from tea and biscuits to motorcycles and tube lights.

He earned his BS in Management Science from arguably the finest business school of the time, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and another BS in Electrical Engineering and Data Science from MIT. Later on, he pursued and completed his PhD from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in Decision Sciences.

He went on to teach and earn honors at the Wharton School and MIT’s BBA and MBA programmes and served as an Associate Professor at the Western Michigan University. He also taught courses in MIS at the King Fahd University in Saudi Arabia during the mid-1980s.

Dr. Ghani has also published extensively in several areas including the psychology of human-computer interaction, economic tariff policy, and strategy; with over 3000 international journal citations.