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Dr. Arif Iqbal Rana

  /  Dr. Arif Iqbal Rana

Dr. Arif Iqbal Rana


Dr. Arif Iqbal Rana is one of the few, highly sought after, corporate trainers of the country with a vast experience of working with professionals, organizations and multinationals. He is also one of the few highly rated corporate trainers making him a prime choice for most top-tier organizations in the country. He also has the highest number of case studies in Pakistan, i.e. sixty, to his name.

He is a specialist in the field with qualifications from the finest international universities and an exposure to international research and development trends in the industry. Dr. Rana was one of the founding faculty members of the globally recognized higher educational institute of Pakistan, LUMS, where he served for almost three decades. While at LUMS, he was also engaged in laying the foundations of its executive education programme. Dr. Rana served as the Director of the LUMS EMBA programme. Furthermore, he spearheaded the Family Business Initiative at LUMS; as well as the SME Pulse Initiative and the Textile Productivity Initiative. He has also been the Director of the Entrepreneurship and Medium Enterprise Centre (ESMEC).

Dr. Rana has been a consultant to quite a few Pakistani businesses in the area of Family Business, Productivity Improvement and Inventory Management. He has taught the MBA program as well as several executive programs in the areas of Family Business, Operations Management, Decision Making, Supply Chain and Retail Management. He has also written and/or supervised over sixty case studies. He also successfully runs “Scholastic: a faith-based O-level school”, in Lahore.

Dr. Arif Rana earned his PhD from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA, MSc from the prestigious Purdue University and BS from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. Previously, he has worked at the Suleman Dawood Business School (SDBS) at LUMS for about three decades.