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Mr. Shakeel Raja

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Mr. Shakeel Raja


Mr. Shakeel Raja has an experience of over 20 years, working as an academician, consultant and trainer in the fields of Computer Science, IT, Data Science and machine learning. Equipped with the necessary skill set for the fast-paced global economy which is only discovering and adapting more to AI, Mr. Raja believes in the revision and redesign of the Pakistani industrial landscape. Over the past two decades, Mr. Raja has provided teaching, training and consultancy services in the Higher Education, Education Technology, Telecommunication, the IoT Industries and the Civil Service sectors in the UK and Pakistan.

Mr. Raja’s research lies in Artificial Intelligence which extends to deep neural networks, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision/Image Processing among other specialized fields of AI. He has an extensive hands-on experience in the industry standard tools including Python analytical Stack, R, MATLAB and has also worked closely with Big Data technology firms such as HADOOP and Spark. Mr. Raja has also been involved in experimenting with AI for music transcription/generation, business analytics, healthcare, visual analytics, remote sensing and fault detection.

He is a multilingual and a multi-talented individual who aims to bring diversity, creativity and excellence in his training and consultancy projects in Pakistan.