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Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed

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Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed


Dr. Zeeshan is one of the leading management educationists in the country. He is currently serving as the Vice-Chancellor of Al-Ghazali University. He is also a highly experienced and coveted executive trainer who has conducted many noteworthy training sessions with the leadership and management of top-tier organizations of our country. He has held key positions at the top three business schools of Pakistan; viz. LUMS, IBA, KSBL.

Prior to joining Al-Ghazali University, he served as the Founding Dean of Al-Qadir University Project Trust in Sohawa, Punjab. He has a diverse experience of over 30 years in research, teaching, training and consultation. He has delivered various highly successful training programs on Ethics, Corporate Finance, Management Development Programme, Team Building, Islamic Finance, Strategic Execution: Turning Plans into results, High Impact Communication and Presentation Skills, Finance for Non-Financial Managers, Budget and Cost Control, Digital Transformation and Leadership Development, to the executives of Companies such as Interloop Limited, Softwood Limited, NTC, PAEC, among others.

As a professor and consultant, Dr. Zeeshan is known for his high EQ and excellent interpersonal skills, which is a key feature of his training sessions. Previously, he headed the LUMS business school undergraduate program, leading to serve as the Rector & Dean of KSBL.

He has also worked as a management consultant for Ferguson Associates, an affiliate firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers. He completed his PhD from the Mississippi State University, US in the discipline of Finance. Professionally, he is a CFA and has also passed all CPA examinations.

Dr. Zeeshan has also served on the boards of the country’s eminent Islamic Schools. He is intrinsically passionate about incorporating the Tarbiyah Model in modern teaching pedagogies which is also reflected in his course curriculum. He has been working on a curriculum based on learning pedagogies that help in developing universally desirable character traits which are integral to the Seerah of Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم and his companions. While teaching, he studied traditional Uloom under the tutelage of eminent scholars in Pakistan.

Dr. Zeeshan also serves as a Member of the Sharia Advisory Committee of SECP, CPD Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Pakistan (ICAP), Shura Jamiatur Rasheed Trustee, Ihsan Trust, Management Committee Reflections School, Board of Directors at Hikmah Institute, Academic Council of IBA Centre for Excellence in Islamic Finance (CEIF) and Patron-in-Chief at Naseeha Institute.